Standalone Item Repairs and Services

Bike failed you on the way to work? Or just a few niggles that you haven’t quite got around to fixing ? Call us now, we will get to you first. 07940 859672

A minimum call out charge is £18 and we will come to you anywhere in the pink area on this map very often within hours. (Although if you drop your bike round there is no minimum.) However if you have any two separate repairs from the below list you receive a £5 overall discount on call outs.

Scroll down the page and expand repairs types marked with a arrow down Standalone Item Repairs for full details or use your browsers page search (usually ctrl-f) to find specific repairs like “Brake” or “Gear”.

“Magic Wheels - Spokes, Punctures & Hubs” - Wheelbuilding, Repairs & Services

After the total dominance of events in the “pringle” at the London 2012 Olympics the boss of Team GB, Dave Brailsford was asked by a L’Equipe reporter to what exactly he attributed the teams phenomenal success. Erstwhile Dave quipped “we pay special attention to how round the wheels are…” The next day Frances national sports paper featured an expose on the secret equipment Team GB was using with the Head of the French National Track squad demanding an investigation into Britains “Magic Wheels”

Puncture repairs (including new tube) £7.50

Light truing (rim brakes usable before truing) £5.00
Heavy truing £10.00

Fit new wheel – front £7.50
Fit new wheel – rear £10.00

Hub adjust (cup and cone) including grease £7.50
Hub rebuild (cup and cone) includes new bearings & grease £12.50

Wheelbuilding – Handbuilt wheels, remain the best for British roads. Today we can exclusively reveal that ours are extremely round and some customers have even been known to say “Eeeeee them wheels are Magic!” Everything from some clunkers for your daily commute to Carbon specials and even some painfully trendy early 90’s revivalist dayglow specials to really help you pimp your ride!

Prices for a pair of complete handbuilt wheels built around you and your personal riding style start at £135. Full information on wheel building options here or just Email or call 07940 859672 for more information

Gears & Drive Train - Chain, Cables, Cassette, & Chainrings - Services & Repairs

The beating heart of your ride… cables included in prices, other parts are not.

A) Chain fitted and old one removed £7.50
B) Setting/adjusting gears £7.50
C) Gears adjusted, chain and cables wiped clean and lubed £12.50

Extra to replace cable inners(each) as part of A, B or C £2.50
on own £5.00
Extra to replace cable inners and outers(each) as part of A, B or C £7.50
on own £10

Fitting new cassette / freewheel / chainrings (each) as part of A, B or C £5.00
on own £7.50
Fit derailleur & adjust including hanger replacement (each) as part of A, B or C £7.50
on own £12.50

Bottom Brackets, Pedals and Cycle Computers - Service and Fitting

Bottom bracket, strip, remove and install a new one) £12.50
Bottom bracket service only possible with certain types including bearings £15.00

Replace pedals £5.00

Shimano flightdeck installation (flat bars) £10.00
Shimano flightdeck installation (drop bars/cadence) £20.00

Brakes - Cable & Hydralic, Disc and Caliper - Service, Bleed, Rebuilds

Don’t go stopping… well actually do! All prices are per brake and exclude parts

Cable systems;

Adjust brakes, lubricate cables; (each) £7.50

Extra to replace cable inners(each) as part of adjustment £2.50
on own £5.00
Extra to replace cable inners and outers(each) as part of adjustment £7.50
on own £10
Extra to replace brake pads (per caliper) £2.50

Full brake service; all of the above as required plus check pivots regrease and if required replace any bearings or workings. (per caliper) £15.00

Hydraulic systems;

Replace pads and adjust £7.50
Change fluid & system bleed, including DOT /mineral oil as required (per wheel) £10.00

Full Hydraulic brake service – (Parts extra) Strip, service, & rebuild caliper & lever.(per wheel) £20.00

Steering & Suspension - Shocks, Stems, Handlebars & Headsets - Services & Fittings

Fork fitting / swap £25.00

Adjust headset £5.00
Service headset – clean, inspect and regrease bearings, re-adjust (where possible) £15.00
Replace headset £12.50

Handlebar swap – flat bars £15.00
Handlebar swap – drop bars £20.00

Bar tape / grips removal / refit £10.00

Stem replacement and fitting (Threadless) £7.50
Stem replacement and fitting (Quill) £15

The only thing not included? Suspension overhauls. Email or call 07940 859672 for details