“Magic Wheels” Services, Repairs, and Customised Wheelbuilds

After the total dominance of events in the “pringle” at the London Olympics the boss of Team GB, Dave Brailsford was asked by a L’Equipe reporter “to what exactly he attributed his teams phenomenal success?”. Dave quipped “we pay special attention to how round the wheels are…” The next day France’s national sports paper featured an expose on the secret equipment Team GB was using with the Head of the French National Track squad demanding an investigation into Britains “Magic Wheels”

Customised Wheelbuilding

Handbuilt wheels, remain the best for British roads. Some of our customers, when asked about our wheels, have even been known to say “Eeeeee, them wheels are Magic!” We can build anything, from some tough double walled clunkers for your daily commute to carbon aero specials and even some painfully trendy early 90’s revivalist dayglow numbers to pimp your ride!

Whatever we go with, we work with you, your personal riding style and needs to build your wheels around you, the perfect combination rather than just one brand of hubs and rims.

Prices for a pair of complete handbuilt wheels start at £135. Our prices include a phone consultation, the wheel build it’s self and delivery within the pink area on this map including fitting them to your bike and adjusting your gear system if required after fitting !

Please click here to see a range of recommended wheel configurations and prices.

Recommended Road Wheel Configurations

Shimano Tiagra Hubs, Mavic CXP22 Black Rims, Stainless DB Spokes : £130 pair

Shimano 105 Hubs, Mavic Open Pro Rims, Stainless DB Spokes : £210 pair

Shimano Ultegra Hubs, Mavic CXP33 Black Rims, Stainless DB Spokes : £280 pair

Recommended Mountain Bike Wheel Configurations

Shimano Deore Hub (6 bolt disc), Mavic 119 Rims, Stainless DB Spokes : £130 pair

Shimano XT Hub (6 bolt disc), Mavic XC717 Rims, Stainless DB Spokes : £195 pair

Hope Pro Qr Disc Hubs, Mavic XM819 UST Rims, Stainless DB Spokes : £300 pair

Recommended Single Speed / Fixie Bike Wheel Configurations

Fulcrum / Orign8 Track Hubs, Velocity Deep V Rims, Stainless DB Spokes : £185 pair

Miche Primato Hubs, H Plus Son Archetype Rims, Stainless DB Spokes : £230 pair

Shimano Dura Ace 7600 track hubs, H Plus Son Formation Face Rims, Stainless DB Spokes : £360 pair

Please feel free to email or call 07940 859672 to discuss your perfect wheels.

Wheel, Spoke, Punctures & Hub Services

Puncture repairs (including new tube) £7.50

Light truing (rim brakes usable before truing) £5.00
Heavy truing £10.00

Fit new wheel – front £7.50
Fit new wheel – rear £10.00

Hub adjust (cup and cone) including grease £7.50
Hub rebuild (cup and cone) includes new bearings & grease £12.50