Our “Legendary” Services and Builds…

…are priced and detailed below and include free pick up or delivery in the pink area on this map or a £5 discount if you drop off and pick up your bike. Either way we deliver “best of the web prices” and have a geeky level of knowledge about best value-weight-aero-friction performing parts that you might not have heard of. SRAM-Shimano-Campagnolo and beyond. We will try to turn your bike around within 24 hours – including pick up and drop off.

Scroll down the page and expand services, repairs or builds marked with a arrow down Legendary Services & Builds for full details

The Manx Missile £30 - Interim Service & Safety Check - Every 6 months/1500 miles

Wipe and lubricate chain and chainrings.
Adjustment and set up of brakes and gears.
All Cables checked for wear, lubricated or replaced with new PTFE coated inner cables.
Headset checked for movement and adjusted accordingly.
Wipe down bike and spray frame with bike cleaner.
Bottom bracket checked for wear/movement
Wheels checked for damage and hub bearings movement adjusted if possible/required.
Braking surfaces cleaned and degreased.
Saddle checked for rigidity and seatpost checked.
Frame and forks visually inspected for damage.
Tyres inspected and correctly inflated.
All Bolts and quick releases checked for tightness and correctly re-tightened if required.

Any issues identified will be reported to the owner immediately and no additional repairs will take place until the owner has agreed.

The Modfather £50 - Full Service & Safety Check - Every 12 months/3000 miles

All of checks and adjustments detailed in “The Manx Missile” plus…

Fully clean, degrease, dry and lubricate chain, cassette and chainrings as well as derailleur plates and rear derailleur jockey wheels.
Hubs opened, cleaned, checked, regreased and adjusted – new bearings fitted if needed.
Chainset removed, bottom bracket inspected on frame and removed if needed. Bottom bracket stripped regreased and new bearings installed if possible and needed.
Brake calipers disc/rim, hydraulic/cable cleaned, regreased and reassembled. Parts replaced if required.
All Cables checked for wear and new inner and outer cables fitted if needed.
Headset stripped and regreased and new bearings fitted if required
Wheels lightly trued

Any issues identified will be reported to the owner immediately and no additional repairs will take place until the owner has agreed.

The Real McHoy £75 - The Gold Standard service! - Every 12-18 months/4500 miles

All of checks and adjustments detailed in “The Modfather” Standard Service and…

Well to be honest your bike will be completely rebuilt, and any replacement parts required fitted. All parts will be removed and returned to as good as condition as possible. New hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings if required and any parts fitted. Includes full hydraulic brake bleed and a major wheel re-truing. Your bike will ride six times better than it used to !

The only thing not included? Suspension overhauls. Email or call 07940 859672 for details.

The Victorian £30 – Discounted Single Speed & Childrens Bike Service

Essentially the “The Modfather” standard service for single speed street or track bikes without suspension or childrens bikes with smaller than 20’’ wheels.

The Brailsford – 25% Discount For Groups

Think big – be a mastermind! 3 or more bike at the same time receive a 25% discount on our “Legendary Services”.
So organise yourselves and give us an Email or call 07940 859672 for details – pre-booking required!

The Schleck £75 - Frame and Part Swap

A right pair! Swap parts from one frame to another, stripping both bikes and refitting one set of parts to one of the frames/fitting new parts to new frame. If you want a second bike setting up with the donor parts that’s just an extra £25. (Essentially two builds for 33% discount each.)

The Flying Scotsman £75 – Custom Bike Builds with Originality!

Be an original thinker. I can build you a bike to your exact tastes and needs custom fitted and I’ll try and help you find an original colour scheme/look. I am a part geek let me sex up your ride. I’ll happily source your parts too.

The Shozaburo £40 - Full whole Gear, Brake and Drive Train Service

A combined in depth cable brake and gear service including stripping and regreasing and installing new cables if required. What’s with the strange name? It’s named after the king of brakes and gears, Mr Shimano himself !

The Simpson £30 – Boxed Bike Builds

Snapped yourself up a bargain off the internet or had one of those anonymous out of town warehouses rush you a bike out ? Get peace of mind and have your bike fully built and safety tested by a professional. (That’s us in case you wondered.)

On the spot repairs vs pick up and return options

We think we are about as carbon neutral as you can be – so we will get to you by train and/or pedal power within the pink areas on this map. When you ask us to pick the bike up to repair it we will always try and repair it on the spot first so you have it straight away. But if we can’t we will try and turn around your bike within 24 hours (parts dependent) and that includes pick up, drop off and weekends. If you are more relaxed about turnaround times you’ll find my best of the web parts prices get even better. You also get a £5 discount if you drop off and/or pick up your bike on services and builds.