Here at Never Mind The Bike Shops we have spent quite a few years just fixing bikes, then it was building custom bikes, and now we are the exclusive retailer of Orro Race and Gravel Bikes. We are still very honest… so we will still point you at the right option, friend and customers alike whether that be on line or even Decathlon. Encouraging use of the Government’s excellent “bike to work” salary sacrifice scheme.

However, that and some Tour De France light and fast but great value carbon fibre racer builds we worked on earlier this summer – made us realise we can we offer something ourselves that would be even better value.

So we had a think. By focusing on our strong points – high end carbon road bikes and customisation. We will put together the kind of carbon dream machine you will pay over £2500 for at your local bike store, new warranted frame and parts that are chosen for lightness and resilience over the latest fads to give you uber-bike like performance and weight for just £55 a month over 1 year or £28 a month over two years.

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About the Bikes we Build

Orro frames are good enough for Mark Cavendish in the Tour De France they are good enough for you – very light and very strong – German engineering, Taiwanese production and American marketing.
SRAM components – astonishing price to weight value. Excellent braking and shifting.
Shimano components – the world leader in bicycle components. Enough said.
Less well known suppliers are included for good reason – our builds are bargainous, innovative and stylish.

About you and the Bike2Work scheme

Employees – Save up to 40% on the cost of a new bike and equipment
Cost is spread over several monthly interest free payments
Save money on travelling costs
One free Modfather Service with each bike
Reduce your carbon footprint
Lose weight and tone up
Improve your general health and well-being
Improve mental health and help reduce stress levels
Get the sort of bike you have lusted after most of your adult life!

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